Project gnh20 - Minecraft/Terraria roguelike style 2D game

The news keeps on coming today!, think I'll collapse on the keyboard posting another amazing looking game. Project gnh20 is was created by sb3dgraph and for the work of one guy the screenshots really show how much work was put into it, it looks to be a Minecraft/Terraria style game but it's probably best I quote straight from the developer.

A large and mysterious world that lives not around the main character, but by itself. And the hero must investigate, explore the world, to understand his life and to survive in it.The whole world lives regardless of the protagonist. Trees grow and dies, floods, breeding and dying animals, in the depths of the earth erupt volcanoes, earthquakes shifting layers of earth, pressure and temperature are produced minerals, underground creatures built the treasury, and mined ores.The gameplay is basically "the search and survive". The player goes through the caves and searching, searching. And sometimes it runs on who found it.

DOWNLOAD (English version)

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