Tower Toppler/Nebulus - Platformer Retro Remake

 One of our readers requested a remake of Nebulus and through some searching we found exactly that, aren't we nice. This old skool platformer is a reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulus. It was available for PC, Atari, C64. The author was J.M.Phillips and was published by Hewson software. The player character, a small green creature called Pogo, is on a mission to destroy eight towers that have been built onto the sea, by planting bombs at the towers' peaks. Pogo's progress is hindered by enemies and obstacles, which he has to avoid in order to reach the top of the tower. As you walk and hop around the tower, the entire tower rotates as you move giving the impression of a 3d environment with a sense of depth. Not the easiest of games and has caused a certain amount of fustration. But still worth a look as it was still fun to play.

Original DOS version



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