Space Shock - Sci-fi RPG Dungeon Crawler

Good afternoon readers, Indie Retro News has a very cool looking Dungeon Crawler today to show you and it's called Space Shock. This is no ordinary Dungeon Crawler either, but Sci-Fi based, which we haven't seen the like for years, probably going back to the days of Captive.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat – Misery 2.0

This looks to be the scariest S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat mod yet and it's called Misery 2.0. Not only that, but Misery was voted 1st place Best Overall Mod at Moddb and you are about to see why!

OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - Space Strategy Open Source Remake (BETA 0.95.124)

Open-IG an Imperium Galactica (1997) remake. Is an Open-Source project and the game is written in Java, so it’s available for many platforms. It's also fully standalone and has been updated to support bigger displays and arbitrary resolutions. The downloaded package contains everything needed including the videos and an automatic update tool


The Second Tiberium War - C&C: Tiberian Sun Firestorm mod

C&C Fans rejoice! A brand new modification is out for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and this one is looking pretty damn fine, with a ton of cool features and gameplay changes. The Second Tiberium War is a Fully standalone installation, Tiberian Sun is not required to play. A mod not to be missed!

X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 Released

X-Tended - Terran Conflict, which is a complete overhaul of Egosoft's game, X³: Terran Conflict has just been released at version 2.0. This looks like a really awesome looking Space Strategy Simulator Trading Mod and I personally can't wait to try it out.

Full Circle - DayZ Story

This is a very well made story video for those that play DayZ. The person that did this video and those that helped certainly put a lot of work into it and really gives it that movie like feel.

Organ Trail: Director's Cut - Retro Survival Zombie Game

We have a treat for all you Retro fans, it's Organ Trail the Directors Cut. Which parodies the 1974 game The Oregon Trail, but this one comes with Zombies!

THE BUM - Classic Point and Click Adventure

We have a new Adventure game to show you, it's called THE BUM. This game was developed by one guy, who created this as his first game. But don't let that put you off, as it looks very well made! It's also very Nostalgic for us Point and Click Adventure fans

Build a Greenlight Bundle - GIVEAWAY!

As it's the New Year soon and as 20% of my donations went to charity, I'm going to give YOU the reader the chance to win this fantastic Greenlight Bundle. I've selected two great games in the Bundle and you also get a lot of bonus items, including another two games

Build a Greenlight Bundle - Upto 9 Games of Goodness!

Another Bundle for you to drool over, it's the Greenlight Bundle. In this Bundle you have to Click on 2 to 9 games for the build to be created. Once that is done, it will give you a minimum price depending on how many games you have selected and how much others have spent. If you so wish, you can spend as much as you want and donate it to a charity. But what about the games?

Mod of the Year 2012 - Moddb

Bit of a slow news day today, everyone must be still hungover from Christmas. However the Mod of the Year awards for 2012 is now over, so lets see who has won the ultimate award!

Project AM2R - Metroid 2 Fan Platformer Remake

Take one day off for Christmas and the news inbox goes mad! Project AM2R, which is a Metroid 2 Fan Based remake has finally been updated with a brand new 1.1 demo.

Dolphin (GameCube & Wii) Emulator V3.5 Released

An emulator other than my favorite Amiga Winuae is Dolphin, which is for both the Gamecube and Wii emulation on your PC. Dolphin is considered the best GameCube and Wii emulator available and I can vouch for that. It's also had a new release of 3.5

Earth’s Special Forces - Dragonball Z fans, time to go crazy!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, for all the fans of Dragonball Z, we have a really cool looking mod to show you for Half-Life. The mod I'm about to show you is called Special Forces and it's an online Beat em up/Fighter game.


Here at Indie Retro News, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Not just that, I hope that everyone gets a nice Game to play and we get plenty of great Indie or Retro games to come in 2013. Here at IRN the news will keep on coming, more reviews and other such brilliance in gaming. It's been a smooth ride so far, Indie Retro News is still a baby in the gaming world, but lets see if we can hit the BIG 1 year :)

Our staff members will be taking the day off to spend time with Family and Friends for Christmas, So have a good one and a cherry on us! See you after Crimbo, readers.

Funny Video - The Glitch

Christmas Eve YAY! Happy Crimbo readers and for that reason we have a funny video to show you, it's basically what would a glitch be like in real life.  I watched it for only a few minutes and already I was laughing, so check it out!

Game Tron 1000 - Random games generator - (KickStarter)

Game Tron 1000 is a new title by MOJO games for the IOS, Android and the PC platforms which features the ability to generate small casual games at the press of a button, each one as unique as the last. The games kick Starter campaign ends in 27 days and they hope to raise £90,000.  Game Tron 1000  is a very unique and ambitious idea for a game, the idea is that you push a button and a small game is generated for you,  for example it will randomly generate Platformers, Scrolling-runners, balancing games, arena battles, collect-'em- ups, slash-'em-ups, boss fights, time trials and more.

Mod of the Year 2012 Top 100 on moddb

Was just finishing a game of WarZ and came across this great news article from moddb, my favorite place for finding new Mod news from all the best games.  The news is that Moddb has done a Top 100 Mod of the Year for 2012 and they are half way through the listing.


Hello and good evening Gamers, it's Christmas Eve tomorrow woohoo! But before that, it's time for a new game that needs your support, it's a JRPG called Crystal Kingdom.

The Mine of Malan Vael - Grimrock Dungeon Crawler RPG (MOD)

Finally a Dungeon Crawler, I do love my Dungeon Crawlers and this one, called The Mine of Malan Vael is a mod for Legend of Grimrock. An EPIC crawler which we did a big article on earlier this year.

Knytt Underground - HQ Platformer

Not long till Christmas, so the news will probably slow down a bit as people will be enjoying Family time or getting drunk. But today it still continues as normal with Knytt Underground, a very well made Platformer.


Moody music, silhouetted foregrounds and the promise that every turn will turn you into a wisp of indigo smoke await you in Flying Turtle Software's new platformer.

WinUAE 2.5.1 released - Amiga Emulator

Good evening Gamers, one of the greatest Amiga Emulators WinUAE developed by Toni Wilen, is now at version 2.5.1. We are not long since the previous version of 2.5.0, so hopefully it's worthy of this update so soon. If you want to play Amiga games or be able to use an Amiga Os on your Windows PC, WinUAE is the best emulator you can use, I wouldn't recommend any other.

Survivor Zero - Sandbox style Survival Horror Game

Watch out guys, more Zombies are incoming and this one, unlike DayZ, WarZ and all the other online Zombie games is a Sandbox style Survival Horror Game. Think of it as a mix between Skyrim, Stalker and Amnesia.  This Horror game is called Survivor Zero


Benefactor - PC playable Amiga Remakes/Remastered (Platformer)

It's a really poor day outside, wet and dark with no sign of a White Christmas. But to put you into a gaming mood, we have another Remastered Amiga game, which is playable on your PC and works with Windows 8. The game is called Benefactor and is a high quality Platform game, published by Psygnosis - Worldwide and developed by Digital Illustions.

HYDORA - Shoot em up review

In some ways Hydorah is what sets PC gaming apart and makes it unique. Sure, there are little free gems on other platforms, but somehow they seem to lack the passion and that level of attention to detail that developers like Locomalito put into their creations. Hydorah is a ‘free traditional game’ and Locomalito’s love letter to the retro space shooter genre, a game which doesn't lambast you with donation buttons or ad pages. If you ever recall playing a game that had you throwing your controller at the TV in frustration, well this game is sitting there going ‘hello remember me?’ Think of this game as the bastard son of the classics the developer says... quickly followed by ‘Prepare to Die!’

OpenMW 0.20.0 released - Morrowind Open Source

For all the fans of the epic RPG game called Morrowind, there has been an update to OpenMW, which is an open source implementation of the game. You must own Morrowind to use OpenMW.

Android Christmas Retro Offers from DOTEMU

It's nearly Christmas and the deals are still coming in, as such DOTEMU has just announced they are doing a special retro offer on three top quality games. Raiden Legacy, Another World and R-Type, all available for the Android. Don't forget they are still doing their Christmas Promo!

Company of Heroes 2 - beta Key Give away!

Good afternoon Gamers, although this isn't an Indie game nor is it a Retro game, I want to give this fantastic Steam beta key to someone special, it's for the game Company of Heroes 2.

WarZ Patch - 12/20/2012

WarZ has come under a LOT of flak lately, however today I'm just going to report on the patch that's just been released. It's patch 12/20/2012 and you'll need to restart your client and the launcher for it to update. You will also be pleased with what's in this update!

Forsaken Fortress - the post-apocalyptic survival RPG Kickstarter Success!

Another Kickstarter Success and so far it's nearly all the ones featured on Indie Retro News.   Forsaken Fortress is a special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. My sort of game really and for it to be a success, means I'll be able to play it when it's finished and so will you!

Steam Christmas Sale - 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightening, but inside it's so delighting is that right? I was never any good at Christmas Carols, but what I am good at, is giving you the latest gaming news ;). It's the Steam Christmas Sale of 2012

Legends of Dawn - Action & Adventure RPG (kickstarter)

Time for another Kickstarter and it's also a Dawn game. This one is called Legends of Dawn, a very high quality Action and Adventure RPG, from the developers Dreamatrix Game Studios.

Days of Dawn - RPG with Turn Based Combat (kickstarter)

Good morning Gamers, what a horrible day outside, it's wet and dark so to brighten up your day, we have a cute yet cool looking game, called Days of Dawn. Developed by a company named as
Bumblebee, they aim to be a success in their kickstarter.

Thanatos C64 Music Remix

Got two kickstarter articles to come tomorrow, but before that a C64 Music Remix and of cause a good night's sleep! The remix today is Thanatos from the C64, a game I personally remember playing on my Amstrad and had no clue what the hell I was supposed to do.

Remix by moonove

Thus I'll say goodnight and may all you dreamers wake up thinking INDIE RETRO NEWS :p

The Humble Indie Bundle : 7

Not to be confused with the Humble Bundle which was all THQ, this is a true Indie Bundle and contains some pretty fun games for a great price! It's the Humble Indie Bundle number 7

Project GODUS - A reinvention of Populous ( Strategy/god sim ) Kickstarter Success!

The 22cans and Peter Molyneux game Project GODUS is now a Kickstarter Success. It's hard to believe that Populous was created over 22 years ago and since then no game has come close to it's god like experience. But now due to the success, the GODUS of blended power, growth and scope of Populous is finally coming!

WarZ - 100 Player Servers with a Mini Patch

Rather than fix the 4hr revive disaster that's annoying a vast majority of players and then being told if you want an early revive you got to fork over 50C, the developers are now adding 100 player servers on maps that really can't take that many.

WinUAE 2.5.1 - Beta 4 - Amiga Emulator

Not long since we've had the previous beta release of the BEST Amiga Emulator and the official release WinUAE 2.5.0, Toni Wilen the creator has moved onto Winuae 2.5.1 Beta 4.

WarZ Patch 12/18/12 and WarZ developer responds to criticism

Another patch and I think this one is going to annoy a lot of people, the developers of WarZ seem to have some great ideas then the odd VERY bad one. Maybe I'm just jumping the gun here, but anyway, time to list the details of the 12/18/12 Patch from facebook!

War for the Overworld - (RTS/God Game) Kickstarter Demo

War for the Overworld is looking like it could well be as good as Dungeon Keeper, with it's RTS, God like control system and Genre. Create a Dungeon, protect the dungeon with minions, creatures and traps while spreading your evil across the land, brilliant! We've done a previous article on this game with far more information so if you haven't done so check that out first here

WarZ Developers admit ban mistake, but only 5%. Plus a steam backlash

Last week the developers of the Online Zombie killing game WarZ decided to take action against the hackers and cheaters, however this was met with a backlash, with many claiming they were unfairly banned. There is also currently a rather nasty situation brewing that WarZ is being falsely advertised on Steam itself.

The Xmas Bundle 2.0 - The Indie Royale

Jingle Bells....Jingle Bells..... it's time for another Christmas news article, The Xmas Bundle 2.0 from the guys at the Indie Royale!

Bleed - Run and Gun Platform Shooter

Good afternoon readers, how about a Run and Gun Platform Shooter to play on this cold, damp winters day?. Ok then! The game is titled Bleed, which contains seven levels packed with all manner of enemies and big boss battles, giving you the best possible way to use your weapons skills.

AsKaryl's Grimoire - Gamebook with an amazing trailer (iOS)

I for one am not into Gamebooks, to be honest I don't even like reading Books, but the trailer in this game just made my jaw drop, it's pretty incredible. The game is called Karyl's Grimoire and unlike most stories, your choices affect how the story unfolds and your decisions have a direct impact on the story’s events, the journey your hero takes and the conclusion he ultimately faces.

Forsaken Fortress - the post-apocalyptic survival RPG with a Kickstarter (UPDATE)

Quick update on this one, but it's very important as they only have 3 days left on the kick starter and I hope it they make it.  Forsaken Fortress is a special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Sound like your sort of game? Read on

NiGHTS Into Dreams HD - Sega Remake on Steam (Arcade/Platformer)

For the all the fans of the retro style of Sega game genre, The classic Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams, in all it's HD glory, is available now through Steam.

Project GODUS - A reinvention of Populous (Kickstarter Update)

Just a quick article before I go to bed, Project Godus the Strategy/god sim from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, has a first video update and to be honest it looks pretty good!

WarZ - The Online Zombie killing game is Now on Steam

All you WarZ gamers will be happy to note that the Online Zombie Killing game is now on Steam!

Nvidia GeForce 310.70 WHQL Drivers

Although not strictly related to Retro or Indie Games you will need the latest graphical drivers for some titles, especially if you end up with graphical bugs or other such annoyances. Well here we have the latest Nvidia 310.70 WHQL's, as we've already had the beta's.

Black Mesa: Uplink - Halflife 2 FPS Mod (RELEASED)

Heads up all you Half life gamers, those that loved playing as Gordon Freeman while avoiding making face to face contact with a head crab or two. It's Black Mesa : Uplink, a Halflife 2 fps mod, recreated based on the Half-Life demo, released now! Giveaway : Heroes of Might and Magic

Good evening gamers, is doing a free giveaway of Heroes of Might and Magic! The Brilliant Turn-based strategy game from 1995.

Dizzy - Night at the Museum : Retro Platformer

Another Dizzy game has just been announced and this time it's a fan based game called Dizzy - Night at the Museum. A Retro Platformer, fun for all the family, including us Nostalgic gamers who remember Dizzy so well.

GOG - Holiday Sale Day 6: Quest for Series (by Sierra)

Heads up all you Sierra Adventure fans, GOG is doing another holiday sale and it's the Quest for series!

PRIMAL FEARS - top-down isometric horror shooter

Prepare yourself for a Horror Shooter of such carnage that it's turned the world upside down, it's time for Primal Fears, a brand new game by DnS Development.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced – Free Arcade Platform Game (Released)

Remember when we announced that Street Fighter X Mega Man was going to be released on the 17th December? Well that time is now! Mega Man and the Street Fighters meet in this FREE Arcade Platformer, released today.

Retro Youtube Video Madness (PART 2)

Here comes another lot of the biggest list of Youtube Retro games in a Single video listing ever posted on a gaming website, from all the best gaming systems! Please note that readers on slow connections may need to wait a while for all of them to load.


Retro Youtube Video Madness (PART 1)

Prepare yourself Retro gamers for one of the biggest list of Youtube games in a Single video listing ever posted on a gaming website, from all the best gaming systems! Please note that readers on slow connections may need to wait a while for all of them to load.


Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Platformer playable in your browser

I never thought I'd see the day that retro gamers could play the very first Dizzy in a browser and sure enough here it is, it's Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure.

Buggerman : The Heist Xmas - Platformer Festive Fun! (REMAKE)

Anybody would think it was Christmas with all these festive games coming out. This time it's Buggerman : The Heist Xmas, based on the original Platform game released in 1982.

Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams Demo

For all the gamers that remembered the Giana Sister Kickstarter or even played the original. Black Forest Games has released a playable demo for Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams which includes a new Winter level, just in time for Christmas.

Game Give Away - Metro 2033

As I already have a copy of Metro 2033, I'm going to give you the chance to win a free copy of Metro 2033 the awesome first-person shooter with survival horror and stealth elements.

Recorded C64 Games Launched!

Heads up all you Retro Gamers, the creator of the brilliant Recorded Amiga Games website, has just launched a sister site called " Recorded C64 Games ".  The creator has put a lot of work into the site and has trawled through loads of game video playthroughs for you the viewer to enjoy.