The WarZ - Short Update 7/12/12 ( Player Increase )

Just a very brief update regarding The WarZ, but after the server issues of today and very long disconnects, the servers have come back with a very cheeky update.

Forsaken Fortress - the post-apocalyptic survival RPG ( UPDATE )

Two great video updates have just been released for Forsaken Fortress, which is a post-apocalyptic survival rpg with an emphasize on simulation. It looks as if the game really does have a lot of life in it especially with the feeling of character development and emotion. I also especially like the base design and object placement.

Zelda Fans Rejoice! - Great Zelda Custom Games ( Zelda Classic )

I was going to call this a remake news article but these are not strictly remakes but custom quests and maps based on the Zelda game. Some of these quests are huge, with many many hours of classic Retro Nes style Adventure,rpg Gameplay. So you the gamer will get your Zelda thrills. I believe the term for these types of games are JRPG's, that's Japanese RPG to those that don't know. However many gamers debate the fact that it's an RPG and actually reference to it as an adventure title.

Important Update ! - Please Read

Important Update for all of our readers of Indie Retro News, as from the 12th of December 2012 I'll be in Hospital having an internal operation, I'll also be put back on blood thinning injection's until such time as the operation has healed( blood clot disorder). I was hoping to be in and out via the Day Surgery but may have to be in up to 2 nights depending on the operation success.

So please don't worry too much if there is a lack of updates for those two days 12th/13th dec. I hope to be back and posting as soon as possible but that all depends on my recovery. I'm hoping that John our other contributor will take over the article postings just during my recovery time.

Sorry guys, it won't be too long ( I hope ).

Owner and Designer of Indie Retro News

The WarZ - Patch Update 12/6/12

Damn you news articles let me sleep! But back to the topic at hand, it's a WarZ Update - 12/6/12 hopefully they have improved all the crashing. Check out the latest update below of this Zombie Survival MMO that puts you in a world of Zombies ready to eat your brains!

Titan Quest - Steam Key Giveaway!!!!!!

Good morning readers, it's a really early update today but it's a good one. Indie Retro News is giving away a Titan Quest - Steam Key! This is an epic Action - RPG developed by the guys of Iron Lore Entertainment. Although it's not Indie and it's not Retro, I'd rather give this game away to one of our readers.

Rogue's Tale - A Roguelike RPG

Just as I'm about to go and play WarZ, up pops another game to post on Indie Retro News, unlike Dune 2 this one is a brand new release! The game is called Rogue's Tale and it's a rather nifty looking Roguelike RPG.

Dune 2 - History and Remakes

Good afternoon gamers, hope everyone is having a good day so far! Got a nice treat for you today it's a bit of history on Dune 2 and some damn fine remakes, be prepared for a big read so sit back and enjoy this nostalgic trip.

WarZ - Item Spawn (Update)

Another day another headache, I thought I put my cool air blower on this morning, turns out it was actually the heater and the room is as hot and dry as can be. But back onto the game news, it looks as if WarZ is going to have an item spawn update if it hasn't already. Check out the latest below

Aero 3D - Learning to fly - Kick Starter

Aero 3D is an open world 3D bird flight game, which teaches the physics principles behind flight. The game is by GameDesk. GameDesk is a non profit organization and they are looking for $100,000 to fund the game, so far their Kick Starter has raised $10,742.

The game teaches the physics behind flight in an accessible way which everyone can enjoy.
So far the game has been confirmed for the Ipad and Kinect, although it does not mention if it is Kinect for the PC, the Xbox 360 or both.

Lords Of Midnight - One of the greatest Adventure/War game's has a remake

Another hot news update today and we are going to get a Remake of Lords of Midnight, I'm sure many of us know that recently this year Mike Singleton, author of Lords Of Midnight passed away and many of us were deeply saddened by this news. So it's great to know that a Remake is coming and I think many of us should try it out just to relive how great a game this was and in respect of Mike Singleton.

The Adventure of a gnome unfortunate - Platformer ( Free Game )

A nice Platformer for you to play and it's called " The Adventure of a Gnome Unfortunate ", what I like about this one is it's FREE and looks well made.

OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - Space Strategy Open Source Remake ( UPDATE )

Good morning readers, we have a nice little update for OpenIG the Imperium Galactica open source remake, which is a damn fine Space Strategy game.

ePSXe - PlayStation 1 Emulator Version 1.80

Just looked outside and it's snowing! not just that there's been a Playstation 1 emulator update called ePSXe version 1.80 which is nearly 4 years since the previous update so lets find out what's new!

Nvidia GeForce 310.70 WHQL

Although not strictly Indie/Retro related, you will need the latest drivers in most situations for games. These are the very latest drivers, Nvidia GeForce 310.70 WHQL as of 5th Dec 2012 but before you update, check out the release notes below

Ex-Forum DevinH - WarZ the REAL Truth

Here on IndieRetroNews we like a bit of controversy from time to time and it now looks as if the Ex-Forum moderator (DevinH) for WarZ has finally spoken out, pretty much telling everyone what he said before was a lie!

Bundle in a Box - Eclectic Bundle

The news is coming thick and fast today, I can barely sit down and suddenly something interesting pops up on the internet. Well it's time for another Bundle and this one is called Bundle in a Box - Eclectic Bundle which contains 9 games!

HOT NEWS! - Eye of the Beholder 1 Dos version Full Auto Map

I never thought I'd see the day that Eye of the Beholder 1 on the PC via Dosbox would see an auto map, the only version ever to have that was a special edit of the Eye of the Beholder Amiga AGA version which needed WINUAE.

Indie Royale - Six-Game Winter Bundle

Another Indie bundle to quench your gaming thirst, it's the Indie Royale -Winter Bundle which features 6 games!

Miracle Of Sound ft. Malukah - Legends Of The Frost

Another great music track from the band of Miracle Of Sound, they are fast becoming my most listened to Game Music artists. Although not strictly Indie gaming, they are an Indie Band for games that use Indie Mods.

Anyway, have a listen and tell me what you think as I think this is really really good

Doorways - A first person survival horror game

Woohoo another Horror game, as I said before, Horror games are my area of playtime, anything with Horror in the title gets me going in a gaming frenzy. Well this time it's Doorways, a First Person Survival Horror game!

Radio Amiga - Daily Remix ( Vol 3 )

Time to heat this place up a little, with another great remix album! It's the Radio Amiga you tube music remix Volume 3, Some great tracks on this one although I'm not overly keen on the first one.

Dark Asylum - A horror Point and Click Adventure game (Kickstarter)

Good afternoon readers, it's a cold day today and it's making me feel knackered and I just want to huddle up in bed while banging the roof to tell my neighbor to be silent. But oh well such is the normality of life, back to this splendid looking Horror Point and Click Adventure! The game I'm going to show you is Dark Asylum which as you guessed it, is a game set in a Dark Asylum.

Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas - 8-bit/16 colors Arcade (INTELLIVISION) game

It's nearly Christmas, so to give you that Christmas feeling we have a nice little game for you to play. The game is called Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas for the Intellivision console and is an 8bit/16 colour arcade title for all the family.

AMD Catalyst 12.11 Official BETA 11 - Plus CAP2 12.11

Although not strictly Indie/Retro related, you will need the latest drivers in most situations for games. Today it's Ati's turn for a nice driver surprise ;)

War for the Overworld - (RTS/God Game) Kickstarter Update #3

Another kickstarter update today, and this time it's for the Dungeon Keeper style game War for the Overworld!. We recently wrote an article about the game here

WarZ - Extended Down time and Wipe ( UPDATE )

Just a quick update regarding WarZ, the online fps Zombie game. They are doing an extended down time tonight and this will be the wipe they've been talking about for a few weeks now.

The Cat Lady - Horror Adventure Game

The Cat Lady is described as a Horror Adventure game which contains themes of violence and gore, strong language and nudity and is suitable only for persons of 18 years and over. So those who end up behind the sofa during a scary movie better look away now!

IMPULSE - Wicked looking 8-bit block breaker game for Io's Products

Morning Indie and Retro Gamers, got a nice little game to show you today and it's called IMPULSE. Impulse is an Arkanoid style game, whereby you have a little sliding device at the bottom of the screen which you can control and use to bounce a ball like object at blocks which break and sometimes used to drop goodies. 

Interview with Dave Wishnowski of Pro Wrestling X and James Carter of IndieRetroNews

Our very first interview on Indie Retro News and it's with the creator of Pro Wrestling X, check out the podcast where we discuss the game and the latest kickstarter

WinUAE 2.5.0 released - The best Amiga emulator!

Brilliant news this evening the best Amiga emulator is out of beta and now has a final version of 2.5.0, AMIGA FANS REJOICE! If you want to play Amiga games or be able to use an Amiga Os on your PC, Winuae is the best emulator you can use, I wouldn't recommend any other.

IndieRetroNews is now on Youtube!

That's right readers, Indie Retro News is now officially on YouTube!, as our site grows we will be doing Interviews and Reviews which will be up on our YouTube channel. What's more, the latest Indie Music and Game Retro Remixes will have a special place in the playlist! So check us out, click on the YouTube on the far right of the page or click here

Jim Power: In Mutant Planet - New Windows 8 PC playable (Platformer) Amiga/Atari game Remastered!

Busy Sunday today, lots of articles to come and I still haven't had my lunch so expect a lot of stomach growling as I write this article ;).  So onto the first PC playable Amiga Platformer game containing the NEW 2.6 Alpha code, Jim Power: In Mutant Planet. This title also has a nice graphical filter for improved graphics.

Elite : Dangerous - Space Sim ( kickstarter Update)

Remember that huge article I wrote about Elite Dangerous and the original Elite? Well if you haven't check out the article here. But enough about that it's time for the update.

Mongo Erectus - Spellbound (A Hard Day's Knight) Rob Hubbard ( REMIX )

A smooth yet meaty tune Spellbound (A Hard Day's Knight) Rob Hubbard remix by Mongo Erectus(what a name! ). So sit back and listen to the music as we write up this next article ;)

Saints Row : The Third - STEAM KEY GIVE AWAY!

Another key to give away, it's the Saint Row : The Third game from THQ. An Action-adventure open world game in a third person view!

The Cave - A Puzzle/Platformer by Double Fine

Good afternoon gamers, today is Saturday and I'm sure many of you are enjoying being in doors and watching TV or playing the Computer. So lets start with a new Platformer Puzzler from the guys of Double Fine called The Cave.

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Radio Amiga Volume 2 - Music Remix time!

Another day of news updates and we have a new game give away coming up, though I will be in town enjoying some lunch with the family beforehand. But before that, check out this awesome Amiga Track list on you tube

WarZ - Stat Wipe Update

Tonight has been a really bad night tonight on the servers with players Multi-killing, long distance shotgun kills, no-clipping and wall hacking. At one point I was sniping on the hill when I died instantly, suddenly this woman appeared out of thin air next to me, takes my stuff then disappears again ( not server hopping ). So I'm hoping that after this stat wipe they really do update the Anti-Hack ban engine, because at the moment it's out of control! So when you do get killed on the game you don't know if it was legit or a hack. But less of that, back onto the stat wipe