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Indie Royale - The Replay Bundle Vol 1

Many of our readers are huge fans of the Indie Royale, Indie Bundles, so how about a bundle that contains some of the greatest games from their previous bundles? Well here we have The Replay Bundle vol 1! Think of it as a bundle, of a bundle from a previous bundle (My head hurts!)
Included in this bundle are FPS and RTS hybrid experience Nuclear Dawn (Windows on Steam), futuristic tower-defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening (Windows on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free), classic 2D adventure game Gemini Rue (Windows on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free), and two fast-paced dungeon adventures Soulcaster I and II (Windows on Desura and DRM-free).
As this is just Vol 1 expect more great replay bundles to come :)


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