Slender : The Arrival - HORROR

A game which scared many people with some crying behind sofa's was called Slender. The aim of the original game to basically find eight pages attached to certain areas in an experimental horror setting of Dark Woods. But that's not all, as you are being stalked by a creepy entity that grows more persistent and relentless as each page is collected. Be careful though as this evil entity is ready to take you as soon as you even look at him. And thus we have this upcoming sequel, Slender : The Arrival.

In Slender : The Arrival it's no longer just an Experiment but a full game experience of Horror! The developers even claim as such with it being even more terrifying than his original creation. You will also be able to involve yourself in an engaging storyline , with more levels and just as important improved visuals. So be prepared gamers, the ultimate Slender experience is coming

Coming Early 2013

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