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StarCry Wars - Crysis Wars MP Mod

Now my first thought's of this was Stargate, however, it's actually called StarCry Wars which is a Multiplayer mod with numerous references of science fictions. Most likely it was going to be called Stargate but wasn't allowed due to copyright issues.

As this is a First Person shooter, expect many different weapons and lots of cool Sci-Fi maps and vehicles to control. This mod contains a base of 6 maps (5 environments from StarCry and 1 new exclusive map) with a day and a night version = 7 IA versions and 9 TIA versions (Dynamic TOD disabled). A multitude of weapons 20 in fact, from both sides of the war Human (SG) and Alien (Jaffa), yes as I said, Stargate!

There will also be plenty of Vehicles from Crysis Wars and StarCry (Hoverbike, Ra's Pod, Scarab, Centaur, Civilian cars...) Now for me that's a huge bonus, as I was a massive SG-1 Fan and you'll still find me on occasion watching Re-Runs.

Available now - You must have Crysis Wars with the 1.5 patch.


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