War for the Overworld - Kickstarter Success

Can I just give a "woohoo" as we have another Kickstarter Success, War for the Overworld has achieved it's kickstarter goal! That's right, it's the game that contains the best components from the RTS and god game genres such as Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.

That's not all, they didn't just succeed but pretty much smashed the kickstarter goal with £211,371 pledged of a £150,000 goal. As a little bit of info about the game. Your domain lies beneath the surface of this realm, and it is here that you will begin to build your sinful empire. The forces of good in this land will do everything in their power to stop you. So make sure your dungeon is ready, make sure it has all the traps and strong minions for which to defeat all the disgusting good guys.

We did a much larger article about the game here, so I'm so pleased this was a success!

Kickstarter Page


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