System Shock 2 is now on gog!

An epic sci-fi with survival, first person, game play based horror is now on gog. System Shock 2 was released in 1999 with such high praise, that it's still remembered even today. It has an intense story, with character based stats, upgrades and an inventory system of an rpg. There will be moments of sheer terror as you walk the horror filled corridors and rooms of a space ship. Are you alone? Will you be able to defend yourself?

Of further interest is the fact that there are mods available for System Shock 2, one such release is a texture upgrade project (SHTUP) and the other SS2 Rebirth. SHTUP upgrades objects, Rebirth upgrades the AI models.


SS2 REBIRTH,8.0.html

So hurry up you sci-fi horror fans, check it out on gog for only $9.99

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