Battle High 2 - HD Beat Em Up

It's a day of beat em ups as another kick ass title comes along called Battle High 2. Developed by Mattrified, Battle High 2 is a sequel to the award winning Battle High: Elemental Revolt. You can choose between 12+ characters, all with their own elemental powers, ready to face-off in a battle brawler to discover the secret behind the illness stripping students of their powers. Fight in a high quality art style, with new music, stages, new challenges and behold the awesome voice-overs. This impressive beat em up features 13 stages in both single player or versus locally and what's more, an Exhaustive list of over 130 achievements to unlock -6 Modes of Play: Arcade, Versus, Challenge, and 3 Mini-Games

Available for only £1.99 on Desura with a playable Demo

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