Decisions of the Elders - A fan based Space Quest retro adventure!

Game Type : Retro adventure in the style of classic Sierra titles
Developer : Yours Boston
Developer Quote: "Decisions of the Elders" is an unofficial prequel of the legendary Space-Quest series with Roger's father, Jerry, as the main character who is looking for his lost bride, Julia.
Game Info : Decisions of the Elders is a medium-length game with about 20 playable rooms and a difficult learning curve, especially with the puzzles. However the true original games were never easy anyway, but even though this adventure title is a short one, you'd almost have thought it was a Sierra release. This is both chapter 1 and 2 included, with chapter 1 being extended and a lot of fun to be had too. Depending on the feedback of the game, the developer may create a third chapter.
Release : Available now for Free!
Systems :

Download the brand-new game here: 

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