Super Techno ninja - A side scrolling action game with a ninja (Kickstarter)

Game Type : Side scrolling action arcade game.
Developer/Project By : Darryl
Kickstarter Goal : £5,000
Developer Quote : Strider, and Castlevania meets Dishonored and Mark of the ninja, in this highly ambitious side scrolling action arcade game.
Game Info Quote :Super Techno Ninja is a marriage between the classic side scrolling action games of yesteryear, like Strider, Gun Star Heroes, and Castlevania, combined with the implementation of modern day game play mechanics, and ideas, such as those seen in games like Dishonored and Mark of the ninja. The game will capture the charm of the old 16 - bit era, as well as the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction you get from playing a fun challenging game. Taking advantage of modern technology, and new ideas, they can enrich the game playing experience by adding more freedom, and choice, allowing the player to decide how you are going to tackle the challenges the game presents.
Release : Feb 2014 
Systems : PC, Other(?)

Kickstarter Link


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