Ryona Zombits - Slay Zombies in an 8-bit graphical Arcade game

Game Type : Arcade
Developer : dereklarue
Game Info Quote : Looking for a fun little zombie slay'em-up game with that old school "8-bit" style graphics and feel? If so, this is that fun little zombie slay'em-up game! Hack, slash, boomerang, and arrow as many "zombits" (a.k.a. zombies) as you can before you run out of hearts, all while zombies get stronger with every kill! Browse the shops around the small town of Ryona to buy supplies and upgrades for your weapons to survive.
Release : Now (Free)
Systems : PC

Website : http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/ryona-zombits/19600/
Download :  http://gamejolt.com/games/ryona-zombits/download-distribution/18710/?os=windows

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