Toorum's Manor - A truly epic dungeon mod for Legend of Grimrock!

Game Type : Dungeon Crawler, Mod, RPG
Dungeon Creator :  Bongobeat
Game Info : A full story mod, with a lot of custom items including 6 axes, 5 maces, 7 swords, 4 staffs, 10 bows, 200 arrows and a lot of food, new treasures, 7 majors weapons for various skills (swords, axes, maces, throwing weapons, assassination, unarmed and spellcraft). But there's more! One powerful armor set, lot of wallsets, custom objects made by the community, custom sounds and musics, 49 levels (count in the editor, but 10 of them are not levels), boss fight, mix between exploration, puzzles and fights. In other words, HUGE and all you need is Legend of Grimrock.
Game Required : Legend of Grimrock
Release : Now (Free)
Systems : PC

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