StarCrawlers - Ultima Underworld meets Sci-FI in this upcoming space Dungeon Crawler RPG

Game Genre : Dungeon Crawler RPG
Developer : Juggernaut Games
Game Info Quote : StarCrawlers is an endless first-person RPG adventure with procedurally generated levels, enemies, events, and of course, loot! The dungeons you explore in StarCrawlers are the derelict hulks of ships, long abandoned and full of loot for the daring and death for the unwary. If you’re a fan of classic dungeon crawls like Ultima Underworld and building a team of shady characters ala Shadowrun, you’ll feel right at home in StarCrawlers.
Release : Alpha/Beta (April/June), Final end of 2014
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux



  1. Wasn't there another sci-fi based dungeon crawler on steam greenlight last year?

    1. You are right.

      We didn't reach our goal so the project has been frozen this time.


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