The Merdian Shard - A satirical Adventure RPG with unforgettable characters (Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight)

Game Type : RPG
Developer/Project By :  Ultimate Fantasy Studio
Kickstarter Goal : $6,500 (14 days to go!)
Game Info Quote : The Meridian Shard not only takes you through a unique and entertaining fantasy adventure, but also presents the player with several different possible responses and actions along the way that will trigger varying rewards and outcomes. This puts a meaningful player-choice element into the game, where decisions actually do matter and can/will/do affect the outcome of the player's experiences. The dialogue, story, unusual characters and satirical RPG-isms however, are where this gem really shines. A satirical adventure RPG with unforgettable characters steeped in a supernatural tale of courage, sacrifice, secrets, and shenanigans.
Release : Dec 2014
Systems : PC

Steam Greenlight

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