H1Z1 - A brand new Zombie Apocalypse MMO to take the DayZ throne!

Are you tired of playing DayZ, had enough of WarZ and want something new, but not the same old tired experience? Well check out the latest news about H1Z1, a new Zombie Apocalypse MMO from Sony Online Entertainment. What makes this more special than the others is the fact that this isn't just a land of Zombies, oh no, this is a world of Zeds and this world can support up to 2,000 players in a single instance. Using the MMO Engine, Forgelight, this massive open world will feature various environments all connected seamlessly ranging from urban cities to dead wide open places. You'll also be able burn things by setting light to it, even trees! Another great addition, is the Zombie AI isn't on a single script, they all have their own thoughts. They think differently and that further adds to the experience. The developers aim to have the game out in 4-6 weeks via Steam Early Access for $20. So watch the video for more info, this could be a great Zombie game!
Systems : PC


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