Superfrog HD - Team17's platforming classic for iOS, available tonight!

Anyone remember Superfrog? Well I do! It was a brilliant 2D platforming Amiga and PC(DOS) game that originally developed and published for the Amiga in 1993 by Team 17 and then later released for PC(DOS) systems and much later appearing on Well it's with great news that Superfrog HD, which is an enhanced edition of the original game with new graphics, will be appearing for iOS devices as from midnight tonight, so put on your cape, and lets go hopping!

• Enhanced HD graphics
• 24 new levels based on the original designs
• 6 differently themed worlds
• Classic arcade platform gameplay
• Frog Trials -- Endless Runner mode

iTunes Store Page:
Apple Store



  1. Good, but again IOS and not Android :/

  2. *sad panda* Come on Team17, the Android users are screaming! :D


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