Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads - iOS Puzzler coming 30th May!

Developers Emedion Games have just contacted us to let us know that Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads will be available for purchase on the 30th May. What looks to be a fun cartoony style puzzle game set in the medieval ages, is both simple and easily accessible for the entire family. Follow the story of two friends a bard and a knight travelling through the Bardadum kingdom in a grid based movement system, whereby the paths of the characters cannot cross one another.  Bardadum will be available for iOS with Android, Windows Phone 8 & XBLIG coming soon!

Features : 

Quick and easy touch controls.

4 worlds to be discovered with 16 unique characters fun to gather.

500 handcrafted levels for a real progressive challenge

3 game modes for every kind of player.

No in-app purchases, no Facebook, no ads!


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