Bun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit - High quality Platformer for Android!

When the developer Appijo gave us the heads up about their game, Bun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit, I thought to myself probably just another lower quality Android game (of which we get a lot of). But I was very surprised to see an Android platformer with high quality graphics right in front of me! Bun-Fu contains tons of platforming action spread throughout massive levels, where you play as a rabbit on a quest to find 3 hidden carrots in each level, while collecting gems and coins to boost your score.  This rabbit is also no softy, as he can use a variety of ass kicking weapons and power ups against enemies while jumping, spinning and dashing through the levels while avoiding traps. So to sum it all up, it's a cool looking game and for only 99p a great price!


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