Factorio - Highly addictive Sci-fi based game from an Indie Team based in Prague, Czech Republic

Factorio from an Indie Team based in Prague, is a highly addictive Sci-fi industrial management game that's currently impressing the gaming community with it's unique art style and well thought out game play design. Factorio has you tasked with the mining of resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure and much more. It's a game you will pick up and play for hours on end and wonder what just happened to the time (sleep is put aside for this game). You'll be also using your brain skills to design the best in factory layout for optimal resources gathering, but watch out for the alien life forms, they may not like all that pollution your putting out! Factorio is now available to pre-order for early alpha testing, with a free demo also available.
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

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