Lanista Wars: Titans - Survival RPG in a world of Gladiators on Kickstarter‏

Are you ready to fight in the arena, because DreamHarvesters are! As they have recently announced a brutal gladiator co-op survival RPG Kickstarter campaign for Lanista Wars: Titans, in which you try to build a team of the best gladiators known to man. Equip legendary weapons, fight against other troops of enemies in a co-op gameplay or even single player, build your team and survive against the best! DreamHarvesters are aiming for a $65,000 success goal and will be available for PC (DRM FREE!)


  1. I checked their Kickstarter page and it looks really good. It is also available for Linux and Mac which is a huge plus. I hope they can make it so that I can playthe game very soon.

  2. I just backed this project on Kickstarter and really hope that it will be funded so they can finish the game.


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