Path of Shadows - Use the shadows to your advantage and assassinate your enemies

If you like your Ninja's and creeping in the shadows then Path of Shadows is the game for you. Developed by xDavidLeonStudios, POS features high quality graphics and enjoyable game play as you hunt your enemies in the shadows while trying not to be detected. But there's a twist to this as you have the power to manipulate the shadows themselves, which can be very handy for the tasks ahead. Feeling trapped or want to get past a guard? Then make yourself re-appear at the touch of a button by using a newly formed shadow! It sounds incredibly strange but it just works. The game was a lot of fun but does suffer from the odd bug like enemies walking into walks and game pad controls can be a bit fiddly. But apart from that, when I played it I thought I was playing a commercial game!

The unique world and art style of Path of Shadows comes alive with a next gen custom engine. Experience it with support for Full HD resolutions and Nvidia 3D Vision.

Download Mirrors:


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