Splashy Slime - Impossible Game - A free Android game that screams fun!

We've just been informed by Paranoiax (Kai) that their free hardcore platformer, Splashy Slime - Impossible Game is now available for Android devices. A game which features hardcore game play but comes highly recommended, as you dodge saw blades, spikes and other rather nasty traps a long the way using wall jumps and springboards to your advantage. Splashy is a ton of fun as you'll be playing through 30 levels, spread over 3 worlds while listening to the brilliant chip tune soundtrack. If Meat Boy was a green blob of slime, this would be it! Play it now, it's FREE!

Dodge saw blades, spikes and all kinds of deadly traps and obstacles on your way.
Time your jumps right and use exciting abilities like wall jumps and springboards to your advantage.
Master 30 impossible levels spread over 3 awesome worlds.
New worlds and levels are added regularly.
Mind blowing chiptune soundtrack
Easy to learn, hard to master addictive one button gameplay.
Available for free here 

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