Faster than Light - C64 Preview download!

If you have a C64 or even an emulator and have played the original hit spaceship simulation game Faster than Light on the PC, then this C64 version is very much worthy of a download. Although it's a preview work in progress version, it does contain a short snippet of gameplay and one hell of an awesome soundtrack. I can't wait to see if the developer turns the game into a full version or it's just a side project but so far it's looking mighty impressive.

LEFT/RIGHT - select system/crewmember
UP - crew (no effect)/system take energy from reactor to power the system
DOWN - crew (no effect)/system put energy from system to reactor
FIRE - crew/system starts/stops the interaction with ... (set targetroom for placing crewmember or for fire guns)

'i' - shipinfo/upgradingsystem
'spacebar' - pause fight

Website (Preview )
Website (Preview+2)

(Winvice recommended )

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