Javel-ein - Recommended retro style platformer!

Originally made for the Ludum Dare #28, in which it came 3rd place! Is a game that comes highly recommended by us at Indie Retro News. Javel-ein developed by Managore is a retro-style platformer that has a stonking amount of levels, 60 in fact, split across four chapters and each with a unique boss. But what makes this game so much fun is the fact that you only have one weapon, your Javelin. By throwing your Javelin about using your own talent you can take out enemies, but be careful because if you throw badly it's gone for good. It all sounds so much fun and believe me it is, so if  you have nothing to do this evening and want a small game that's a joy to play, then give Javel-ein a go!

Website ( Download or play in your browser )

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