Impressive NES Mod with a built-in Screen!

Of all the NES mods and designs that people have put out, from classy paint jobs to new internal modifications, this hardware hack by Silius is certainly impressive. Using what looks to be a NES style case, the designer has placed a working LCD inside, that can be opened upwards and with a touch of a button NES games are displayed on a LCD like laptop screen.

Cognition : Game of the year edition - Top quality Adventure is now available to buy

Prepare yourself for one of the greatest adventures of 2013, as Phoenix Online Publishing are celebrating the support release of Cognition : Game of the year edition. A fantastic adventure that has you, as the role of Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past and solve clues and puzzles with the power of your mind as you follow the trail of murderous serial killers.

Z: Steel Soldiers - Multi-platform update to a 3D classic RTS

Back in 2001, legendary game producer The Bitmap Brothers released a 3D update to their futuristic Real Time Strategy war game Z with Steel Soldiers. Well Things have moved on a little since then and what was once pretty tasty in the 3D hardware department has now been well and truly bettered even in mobile 3D, and TickTock Games have given Z:SS modern makeover with a special release just for nVidia Tegra(and others to follow.)

Core Miner - A modern-styled 2d space game released today for Android

Core Miner which is a modern styled 2d space game by Utility Function, will be available today for Android based devices. Explore deepest space and mine for resources as you take on the role of an industrial worker trying to make a living. This resource collection game has no combat, but does give you the ability to upgrade your mining ship as you mine asteroids while enjoying the immersive tactile effects that Core Miner provides.

Merchants of Kaidan - Trade for riches through Steam early access

Either you are a fan of Tradewinds or games such as Port Royale, then you might be interested in Merchants of Kaidan by Forever Entertainment, that is currently up for early access through Steam. Merchants of Kaidan is a trading based game, fused with RPG elements that has you traversing the landscape and trading for the best possible profit.

Airships - Design and fight with Airships - Gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

When I was a kid I always used to design great things in Lego and fought enemies in my imaginary mind, so when the developer Zarkonnen mentioned his RTS airship design and fight game Airships, it kinda took me back to my childhood years. Currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign and up for Early Access, Airships has the unique idea of module based design as your air sailors run around, ferrying coal, ammunition and generally being the life blood of your massive Airship

Pool of Radiance Translation/Code Wheel Updated + also a new PoR wheel with Rotation!

Back in 1988, copy protection for video games was limited. In the case of the Strategic Simulations Inc. computer role playing game, Pool of Radiance, it consisted of a translation wheel which took an Espruar (Elvish) rune, and a Dethek (Dwarvish) rune, and converted it to the English language.

Reboot Bundle 6.0 - FIRST 48 HOURS ONLY! Pay just £1.49 for 6 awesome Steam games

We've just been informed by Bundle Stars, that they have released the latest Reboot 6.0 Bundle to the gaming masses. Featuring 6 awesome steam games such as Postal, Expedition, Knytt Underground, Blockland, Steal Storm and Rock Ages, this is a bundle that is certainly peaking on the cool scale. If you want my recommendation, check out Rock Ages which has a simply awesome soundtrack that has been used in a multitude of YouTube videos. Do note though you only have 48-hrs to pay the price of £1.49 or you lose out on a great deal!

Available here

Wings : Remastered Edition - A Cinemaware classic revamped - Gets a beta release and short preview

Only just recently we featured Cinemaware's classic revamp of the WW1 arcade flight game, Wings and today we've just had the first beta build that was made available to Kickstarter backers. Wings : Remastered is a revamped version of the Amiga version that will feature far higher graphical capability of the original, while still keeping to the original game play that made Wings on the Amiga so great. Wings: Remastered was also a Kickstarter success and thus today we are here to show you a small preview of that beta build.

Fire with Fire - Tower defence game gets a Kickstarter campaign!

It looks as if another tower defence game is about to take center stage and that is the awesome looking Fire with Fire, by Skull Skill Studios. Currently going through a Kickstarter Campaign, Fire with Fire turns the genre on it's head by adding in an offensive twist that features not just a great art style but also looks incredibly intense.

Hungrynaut - An insane game from Torpedrogames

What do you get if you mix Flappy Bird, VVVVVV and someone with a huge appetite? You get Hungrynaut by TorpedroGames. A game that has you as an astronaut zipping through a space station in Zero Gravity while trying to eat as many burgers as possible to satisfy his ridiculous hunger. Sound easy? Wrong, it isn't! The space station is covered in deadly spikes through an endless high score system, which you must avoid by changing gravity with a tap of your finger. However one wrong tap and its *SPLAT*.

Where Time Stood Still - NEW AMIGA GAME finally gets ported from ST version

Over on EAB, Galahad has announced that the conversion of the isometric classic Where Time Stood Still has finally been finished. In 1988, Ocean released the Denton Designs made WTSS for the Spectrum, DOS CGA and Atari ST. However an Amiga version was never forthcoming from them. Until now...

Mighty Tactical Shooter - Kickstarter final push - last 48 hours to get £700

One thing is for sure, Brighton is EXPLODING as an indie development hub in the UK. We've seen the fab looking Radial-G and now Mighty Tactical Shooter (previous coverage here) is in its final throes of its kickstarter push. If you like 16-bit style SHMUPS and you also like turn based strategy, well now's your chance to micromanage rather than twitch your way to victory. With less than £1000 to go to target, and 2 days left to run (at time of writing) it's going to be closer than Wallace and Gromit's close shave.

Elite : Dangerous - Beta 1 is now available to download, and it's HUGE!

Although Indie Retro News isn't based around Elite Dangerous, we've been following David Braben's latest game for some time, and have been a huge fan of Elite ever since the first original release way back in 1984. Elite : Dangerous is so full of awesome that it will have 400 Billion Star Systems, incredible graphics, huge space stations, the oh so amazing hyperspace and more (so yes certainly drool worthy). But the big news today is, the developer has released the first big Beta 1 release and it's so big that the change log will have to be cut down on our site!

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud - Build, shoot, raid in this f2p science-fiction MMORTS

Bisbog has just given us the heads up about Astro Lords, which is a free to play science fiction MMORTS that features incredible Unity 3D graphics in your browser. The story goes that far from Earth within the Oort Cloud the human civilizations have colonized asteroids and have declared themselves lords with their own laws. As is the case with multiple factions there's always a war and thus a war has broken out in space and it's down to you as an Astro Lord be the mightiest of the Oort Cloud.

Build & Battle - A new take on the Tower Defence Genre

I for one don't usually enjoy tower defence games, so for that style of game to appeal to me it's got to be something special. But today my interest was given a prod when I saw Build & Battle, a turn based tower defence game with strategy elements that is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign.

Even the Stars : Explore space and contemplate

Laika on our twitter feed just informed us about a new game that is in development that requires you to explore space, type commands and generally contemplate your tiny existence in the vastness of space. According to PolClarissou, Even the Stars was originally created for the Venus Patrol’s Space Cowboy game jam that tries to give you a purpose in life, to explore and discover rather than getting getting old, lost and have no meaning.

WinUAE 2.8.2 Beta 6 - New PPC update

First we had the big CD32 FMV update, then we had another big update regarding Accelerator Boards and today Toni Wilen has released the PPC update, much to the joy of Amiga retro heads. This being WinUAE 2.8.2 Beta 6 features PPC information, CyberStorm MK1, CyberStorm MK2 emulation, CyberStorm MK2 flash rom chip emulation and much much more. WinUAE 2.8.2 is certainly looking like an impressive build and I for one can't wait to install the latest Amiga Emulator release on my PC! Read on for the change log.

Twin Tiger Shark - Retro inspired shoot 'em up that's just awesome!

There's nothing like a damn good shoot 'em up, especially one that is inspired by the era of the 80's and 90's classics. So here we are with Twin Tiger Shark by Wide Pixel Games, a game that is true to it's roots and is just simply awesome. With an online score system, wide screen control rotation support, 6 stages, lots of enemies, big bosses, 3 difficulty settings, 3 weapon types and some cool power ups, this is a top quality shoot 'em up that we'd recommend.

Lunar Blitz RX - Remixed arcade classic for the C64

Bit of a quiet news day today, so it was nice to see that Lunar Blitz RX was released for the C64 by Cosine, which is a remixed version of the original Atari 8-bit arcade game. Lunar Blitz RX was coded from disassembly and upgraded to match the Atari 8-bit version first released in the start of 2012.

Friday the 13th - NES retro review of a classic horror

I believe there is a time in every gamer’s life when they are not able to truly choose what games they would end up owning. You might ask for ‘Excitebike,’ and end up with ‘Hogan’s Alley’ and ‘Donkey Kong Classics.’ Or you might ask for ‘Ninja Gaiden’ and end up with ‘Friday the 13th.’ It seems that when you don’t get the game you wanted, a licensed game is what you end up with.

Terrahawks - Videopac homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum

Originally developed for the Odyssey2 (Videopac), Terrahawks is a Shoot 'em up style game that feels like Space Invaders but far more action packed, especially as enemies can move around the screen at a rapid rate while trying to take you out. This more recent version is a homebrew ZX Spectrum port, developed by gazj82 that should work on just about any Spectrum. In Terrahawk you play the member of an elite group of trained specialists and it's your duty to defend Earth against the dangers from space.

Seasion - Action packed shooter gets a Kickstarter

How would you like to play a cool Arcade Shooter that has inspirations from "Alien Breed" with RPG elements that features not just dynamic weather but also a non-scripted AI. Well if you check out Seasion that's currently going through a Kickstarter campaign you'll see why this game could rate in the cool category. According to the developer Ben, you play as an ancient human woken up from eternal sleep and must defeat an invasion force that is causing all out chaos on your home planet.

Super Scrapped Robot - Twin stick shooter in a Gameboy flavour

Developed by Bureaubureau, Super Scrapped Robot is a twin stick shooter that has you, playing as a Robot with a bipolar personality disorder, in a mission to find something to put on his head. You might find that strange but it's the compulsion of this robot that will put him through many game moments of action based shooting with lots of enemies in a great Gameboy style.

It Came From The Desert - Cinemaware's unreleased SEGA action version is coming!!!!

I could not believe what I was seeing today as Florian Merz had spotted what looked to be an updated It Came From The Desert by Cinemaware, for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. At first I thought it was a joke, was this real? Was this some sort of trick by Cinemaware? But no it's real! Cinemaware spoke to me and confirmed the unreleased 1990 version will be released for the Holiday 2014 season as a limited edition version, with the production of the cartridge, case and manual working closely with WaterMelon Games, the creators of Pier Solar for the Mega Driver/Genesis.

Shattered Planet - A survival adventure rogue-like set on a dangerous world

We've just been informed by Kitfox Games about their new survival adventure roguelike, Shattered Planet that is now available to buy on Steam. Set in a futuristic world and a side mash of turn-based RPG, you'll be battling your way across an ever changing landscape that's different every time you play. According to the developers you are tasked with the research of alien wildlife for science, but this will not be easy as some of the nasty critters will fight back.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power - Top quality free beat 'em up!

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Ah those where the days, I can't remember how many times I watched the show on TV and of cause the big movie. But then I grew up and now think it's a right load of, well you get the idea. So it was great to see today that Merso X and collaborations has developed Power Rangers: Beats of Power, which is a brand new beat 'em up based on the retrotastic Power Rangers and fused it with Beats of Rage.

Into the Gloom - Solving puzzles through a first person horror experience

Shut your windows, close the curtains and turn off the lights as you are about to play a first person puzzle solving horror game from earrgames. Unlike the usual horror experience, "Into the Gloom" features only the creepiest of colours such as black, white and red as you solve a multitude of puzzles throughout this dark and creepy atmospheric game. But it's not just the colours that give it that creep as during your game play you will see things that may just scare you, and that's not only the hanging corpses!

Third Eye Crime - iOS Sleuther comes to Steam

Well this is something you don't see every day, a successful mobile game making the jump to desktop. Moonshot games have taken their Ex-Bungie earned talent, poured it into a a slick iOS crime/stealth thriller and have now brought it to Steam's Desktop platform, tweaked suitably for mouse play. With a classic '20/30s "Private Dick" style including mellow jazz soundtrack, wide lapeled suits and fedora hats abound, this game certainly has the atmosphere nailed.

Momodora III - Action platform game that's highly recommended

I have generally have no complaints when it comes to action plaformers and especially when it comes to the Momodora series as it's usually at the top end of my recommended wishlist. To see that Momodora III is now available to buy got me all in a bit of excitement. Developed by Rdein, Momodora III is a great action platformer that has the retro inspired look of a SNES game and the playability of a more modern Cave Story. Although it's the third in the series the developers have stated that it focuses on more linear level design and previous titles are not necessary to enjoy this one.

WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 5 - Big accelerator board emulation update

As if the big CD32 FMV update wasn't enough for WinUAE, Toni Wilen is going the full stretch with another big update today that relates to Accelerator Boards. WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 5 is the latest version and adds CyberStorm MK3, CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC support including many other fixes and improvements. As we stated before for those that don't know what WinUAE is, it's an Amiga emulator that works on the PC, which enables you to play Amiga games and set up Amiga operating systems, especially useful for internal CF Amiga hardware. Read on for the change log!

Breakneck Bundle - 8 Steam games for only £2.59!

Bundle Stars are back with another Bundle and this time it's the Breakneck Bundle, which features 8 steam games for only £2.59. Games such as Vector, Rush for Glory, Montas, Steal & Steam, Sugar Cube, Ionball 2, Clockwork Tales, and Growing Pains. So you'll have plenty to do this weekend but if you want my recommendation check out the horror title Montas, which is a first person survival horror adventure that focuses heavily on exploration, immersion, atmosphere, story and interactivity!

Available Here

Athanor - A new Amstrad CPC (and Oric) graphical adventure game!

The other day one of our staff members commented that there was a lack of Amstrad CPC titles for us to write about, and yet here we are with a new text adventure game for the Amstrad CPC and Oric systems. Athanor, developed by Eric Safar in partnership with Gamopat is a text based adventure with graphics that is available for 3 or 3,5 inch disk, with a .DSK version free later. Considering this is a text based adventure title, they were very popular in the early 80's and featured many of the early commands such as Go North, South, Eat and Take Item.

GOG.COM now supports Linux - 50 games available!

It's with great pleasure to announce that, which is a great platform for classic games and Indie's now supports Linux! It's been a long time coming and many people have asked for this to happen and today was the day that it did. According to the team, the first 50 games are are all from their DRM-free catalogue and many of those are first time Linux titles, such as Flatout, Flatout 2, Darklands and the horrificly good Realms of the Haunting

Sega Master System Brawl - Super Smash Bros you now have a new contender for your crown!

Can you believe this? Some talented little keyboard wizard called David Bonafonte, has only gone and made a Smash Bros punch a like for the Megadrive! The game is clearly a tribute to the much maligned Super Smash Bros , one of Nintendo's flag ship game franchises. Master system brawl boasts an impressive roster of our favourite 8 bit master system legends,one on one and out for blood.

Faxanadu: Daggers and wingboots, mantras and monsters await you

There are many retro video games that are fun to play for someone new to the experience. There are your basic platformers, platforming shooters, shoot’em-ups, and action-adventure titles. Few games though, can be considered gateways both to an interest in video games and to an entire genre of entertainment. Faxanadu is one of those games.

Forsaken Isle - Wilderness survival in an RPG SNES style for early access

I for one am a huge fan of SNES style RPG's with the 16-bit colour pallet, great storyline and addictive game play, so it was great to see that Forsaken Isle, which is very much like a SNES style game is now available to buy for early access. Forsaken Isle by Smoodlez, is a little different than your average retro inspired RPG though, as it's a wilderness survival game focused around crafting and the will to survive as a marooned Pirate. 

Reckpunk - A weird and wonderful platform runner from Damien(dlan)

If there's one thing that stands out for me other than curious gameplay is an unusual artstyle, and when it comes to Reckpunk by Damien(dlan), a strange artistic design is certainly one of them. With a release date of September 2014 for the PC, Reckpunk features 8-bit graphics with the game play of that of a platform runner. Throughout this game your reaction counts, you must avoid obstacles and move platforms with the use of your mouse and with this design it really works. Not only is Reckpunk a great looking 8-bit styled game, which would probably look good on a Spectrum it also features fun and challenging game play.

Super Tank Wars - 90's retro inspired tank action mash up!

We don't get many two player games on Indie Retro News, so it was nice to hear from HOT 'n SPICY Games about their new PC, Linux title Super Tank Wars, that's due for Desura Alpha-Funding starting in early August 2014. What looks to be a Beat 'em up mashed with a Shoot 'em up but with tanks, features fast paced retro inspired arcade action from the 90's in a top down view as you shoot and blast each other into tiny pieces.

Marvel First Alliance 2 - The latest kick ass free beat 'em up!

Sometime last year we featured possibly one of the better OpenBor beat 'em ups to hit your PC and that was Marvel First Alliance by Brazilian Developer Zvitor. Well today we have a new release that further improves upon the original with far more ass kicking than you can possibly take. Marvel First Alliance 2 is inspired by the greats such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon and a game that not just fighting purists will enjoy but those that enjoy the Marvel characters!

ScummVM v1.7.0 - The best way to play Adventure classics gets a big update!

If you have a great collection of DOS or Windows based classic point and click adventure games, then the latest update of ScummVM 1.7.0 will do you nicely. I for one have it installed and use it for all my classic adventure games. But what is ScummVM, I hear you ask? ScummVM is a very special program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games in the compatibility list with extra added nifty features, provided you already have the main files.

Why have just one Alter Ego when you can have two? (ZX Spectrum)

Dream walker : Alter Ego 2 is a new and may I say, incredible addition to the huge library of ZX Spectrum homebrew titles that seems to grow each week! This comes after the already impressive Alter Ego in 2011. This one comes to us all the way from Russia and has been programmed to make use of the special high colour mode for our little black box.

Kyd Cadet 3 - A new Exolon inspired ZX Spectrum game

Although I never played Exolon, hell I didn't even have a ZX Spectrum! Paul-J has just announced the release of Kyd Cadet 3, which is inspired by that very retro classic title from 1987. Kyd Cadet 3 features great action packed ZX Spectrum game play as you move from screen to screen, shooting aliens and avoiding death.

Electro Gates Preview - Playable preview of a C64 Puzzler

I'm starting to wonder if there's another battle going on between the C64 and the ZX Spectrum, especially with all the latest homebrew games coming out for both systems. So here we are again with another C64 title, Electro Gates Preview, which is a puzzle game from Hokuto Force. Although the graphics are not up to the top end standards of a C64 title and it's a preview, Electro Gates is a fun maze like puzzle game whereby you need to deactivate all the electro gates in the right order to get to the next stage.

Quarries of Scred - Deep Gameplay (get it? har har har)

Quarries of Scred is a space mining game where you play a bad man named Bob who is massively in dept and has been assigned to work in the quarries in hopes to pay back his debt and get a teleporter ticket out of the quarries.

Castlevania. Spectral Interlude - New High Quality ZX Spectrum game announced!

Have I got a retro gaming treat for you today, as Sanchez has announced that Castlevania : Spectral Interlude, which is based on Castlevania but a new standalone story is 95% ready. Originally developed in 1986 for the NES, Castlevania was an incredible action platformer that had you tasked with the defeating of the vampire Dracula. Thus with today's news you'll soon be able to play a brilliant Castlevania game on your ZX Spectrum!

Space101 - A new take on the Asteroids game and it's FREE!

Now who here didn't like the 1979 Arcade version of Asteroids, where you fly your little ship about shooting Asteroids and UFOs while trying not to be destroyed? I certainly enjoyed it and so have many others, as have there have been countless clones of the game, but Space 101 by Norham is one of the better ones.

The Monkey King - Use the monkeys as weapons in this free Arcade game

Either your bored at work or nothing to play at home, then check out The Monkey King, Developed by cakeandturtles. A game that has you tasked with the collection of monkeys and using them as weapons against the evil Monkey King. This little gem of a game is a great time waster and did make me chuckle as I picked up those animals and chucked them at the king, however I wasn't expecting the big boss to grow and become progressively more difficult with every defeat.

WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 4 - CD32 FMV edition gets a beta update!

It seems as if the first beta of WinUAE 2.8.1 was pretty popular especially through the social network as it featured the latest addition of the CD32 FMV, which enabled full motion video through CD32 based titles. But as is the case with betas they need improving further, so today Toni Wilen has released the latest beta build of WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 4 that has even more bug fixes. For those that don't know what WinUAE is, it's an Amiga emulator that works on the PC, which enables you to play Amiga games and set up Amiga operating systems, especially useful for internal CF Amiga hardware. Read on for the change log!