GB Jam 3 - It's time for you to create your own GameBoy themed game!

I do love a good game jam and when I checked my emails today I was told about one of the best jams ever is about to begin, the GB Jam 3. As is the case with every previous edition, developers from around the world will need to create a game in the theme of the current jam. In this case you'll need to make a game based on a GameBoy theme. One of my favourite little handhelds with such classics as Mario and Zelda, you just know some great titles are going to come out of this wicked jam.

According Gamejolt, all assets must be created during the duration of the GB, must be kept in the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x144px and can only have 4 colours. Get ready developers, show off your talent and lets see those awesome GameBoy inspired games through August 1st - 10th!


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