Spaceborn - Wicked Shooter from Buggestic Gaming!

I do love a good shooter, especially one that I can play either on my Android or my sisters iPad. So I was rather chuffed today to hear from Buggestic Gaming that they have developed Spaceborn, which is a new shooter title for both of these platforms. According to Buggestic Gaming, Spaceborn is a sci-fi action shooter, that has you as the last surviving fleet of the human alliance, in a mission to hold of and counter an alien attack.

The graphical quality of this game is pretty high in the standards of hand held shooters and features plenty of enemy waves and impressive fire power, as you defeat as many enemies as you can. Thankfully another nice addition, is the fact that the more you destroy the better the reward, and thus upgrades such as a better, faster, stronger ship.

Spaceborn is a wicked shooter from Buggestic gaming, filled with plenty of enemy action, great controls, cool shooter graphics and impressive handheld gameplay. So check out the free version and if you like it, buy the full!

Apple AppStore
Google Play Store
Apple AppStore - Free version
Google Play Store - Free version

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