Twin Tiger Shark - Retro inspired shoot 'em up that's just awesome!

There's nothing like a damn good shoot 'em up, especially one that is inspired by the era of the 80's and 90's classics. So here we are with Twin Tiger Shark by Wide Pixel Games, a game that is true to it's roots and is just simply awesome. With an online score system, wide screen control rotation support, 6 stages, lots of enemies, big bosses, 3 difficulty settings, 3 weapon types and some cool power ups, this is a top quality shoot 'em up that we'd recommend.

With all those features including great retro inspired graphics and wicked fire power, you'll also be pleased to know that Twin Tiger Shark is free to play and you can support the developers with a small or large donation.

So check it out on the website and make sure to play it!

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  1. Check out Hero Siege , one of the best Indie in my opinion :)


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