Wings of Saint Nazaire - Space combat with a Wing Commander and X-Wing vibe gets a demo

When it comes to Wings of Saint Nazaire, It's not often I say this, but WOW! This could be a real contender to the classic Wing Commander games that we remember so well. Developed by a team of people such as Howard Day, Jan Simon, Duncan McPherson and Daniel Hoffman, Wings of Saint Nazaire is an action-orientated space simulation game reminiscent of titles such as Wing Commander™ and the X-Wing™ series. Featuring great graphics, modern lighting effects and cool weaponry, Wings is an easy to play and an enjoyable experience that you really should be keeping a close eye on while it's in development. You'll also be pleased to know that the developers have released a Demo

The Alpha demo is available on the website, with the main game release date of TBA.

Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

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