Jelly God - A new twist on the god game genre gets a Kickstarter

Move over Godus as it's time to take a look at Jelly God; a new twist on the god game genre developed by Bexcellent Games. Currently going through a Kickstarter and developed for PC and iOS, your task as a God is to bring colour and life to a grey and barren world. Thankfully through the cultivation of a tribe of jelly people, you can add colour and life through the collecting of resources, building homes, unlocking new colours and discovering ways to combine objects.

What looks to be a game that could be fun for all the family, Jelly God is not about the destruction and demise but more towards the discovery, creation and customization. With a Kickstarter goal of only $3,000 and the ability to change the world into your vision, this Kickstarter might just need your godly powers to be a success!

The music and sound for Jelly God will be crafted by Jason Smith, who has 20 years of experience in television and theatre.

  • Customise your world by unlocking new colours and objects.
  • Discover new ways to combine items and resources.
  • Unlock new land and build multiple settlements.
  • Minimal HUD, jellies and objects are coloured according to their active task.
  • Intuitive controls and environment.
  • Day/night cycle.

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  1. Also, this game isn't from a pretentious blowhard and looks fun at the same time.


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