Roche Fusion - Eye candy shoot 'em up in closed beta!

Are you prepared for possibly one of the best looking shoot 'em ups this year, then you should be, as "Roche Fusion" developed by Amulware is about to take centre stage. Currently in closed beta, Roche Fusion features responsive arcade controls, procedurally generated levels, enemies and upgrades, an engaging score system and lots of awesome explosions.

But there's more! As Roche Fusion is looking to be an action packed, enemy wave blasting, high standard affair with plenty of eye candy that really gives the game the edge. With newly implemented features such as a two player mode, double the amount of upgrades, new bosses and improved pixels, I'd highly recommend you sign up to the closed beta and be a part of the game development.


Sign up for the closed beta here and be a part of the Roche Fusion awesomeness!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the post!

  2. You're welcome :D


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