Speccy Jam - A new game development jam inspired by the ZX Spectrum!

Dave from RetroYak has just informed me about a new game jam that is about to begin on the 29th of August. This jam has my full interest as it's going to be a Speccy Jam, in which indie developers from around the world will come together to create brand new retro inspired games in the flavour of that great 8-bit system, the ZX Spectrum.

The rules state that developers can work alone or with a team and can use any method to develop a ZX Spectrum game on any device or platform. As long as it conforms to a resolution of 256 × 192, use only 15 ZX Spectrum colours listed in the jam and is encouraged to make your game sound like a Spectrum game.

Above all though, your game must work and be completed by the 5th September.

I for one am seriously looking forward to the end result of each persons submission, so if you're a developer or someone just wanting to play the latest ZX Spectrum style game, make sure to check out the site for the Speccy Jam Here

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