Super Galaxy Squadron , Fast paced Shoot 'em up for a Steam Greenlight campaign

A recent Kickstarter success with 29 days still to go, "Super Galaxy Squadron" by Psychestudiosgames is a fast paced shoot 'em up with plenty of fire power that's currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign. According to the developers Super Galaxy Squadron takes it's inspirations from awesome classics such as Raiden and animes like Gundam while mixing it with an old-school formula that's more forgiving and unpredictable (but not unfair) elements.

In SGS you play as one of the best pilots of the Federation as you fight to defeat the alien race from the Tau Ceti star system. Featuring a choice of 14 unstoppable bad asses with unique weapons and attributes, ship upgrades and loads of enemy waves Super Galaxy Squadron is looking retro inspirationaly awesome!

Available for PC this Winter 2014 and other systems depending on stretch goals, I'd highly recommend you give the Steam Greenlight campaign a thumbs up and a pledge on their Kickstarter

Also available is the Alpha demo!
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