Paradigm - Great looking Adventure game gets a Kickstarter

There's another genre that I'm particularly fond of and that is adventure games. Yet when it comes down to Paradigm, by Jacob Janerka that's currently going through both a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign my interest was peaked. Developed in that classic style of hit adventure titles such as Monkey Island, with great 2d graphics and retroish music in a post apocalyptic world, the developer is hoping for a double campaign success.

According to the developer you play as unattractive yet over-confident mutant Paradigm; who must prevail through a series of inconveniences on an adventure to overcome the insecure and tyrannical sloth antagonist, Olof!

With a story like that full of mature content and dark humour, all intermixed with close up cinematics and an easy to use 4 interaction control system, this is looking to be both impressive on the eyes and an adventure of pure brilliance!

The developers are hoping for a $14,000 goal through their Kickstarter page and will be available for PC,MAC & Linux. There is also an alpha demo available HERE


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