ATOS - Open world survival based RPG by Dynamic Zero

For far too long we've had to endure first person open world survival games with nasty creatures and griefing players in a post apocalyptic world. But when it comes to "A Tale of Survival", developed by DynamicZero, that is turned on it's head as the graphics look to be a charming blend of 16-bit colours mixed with family friendly fun.

As is the case with it being a survival experience, you'll be exploring, crafting, resource gathering and defending yourself against the many creatures which inhabit this randomly generated world. It is a lovely game to play with charming retro inspired graphics and has a nice soundtrack. What's more, ATOS is available for both PC and Android at only £0.99 with constant updates from the developer.

Features : 

* Randomly generated, unique open world to explore

* Craft weapons, clothing and tools

* Dungeons to discover and explore

* Lots of enemy variety!

* Permanent death

* Fight deadly monsters

* Manage your hunger and warmth to stay alive

* Original soundtrack

* Fishing, mining and lots more..



  1. And bought! This looks and sounds really good, I want to see more :D

  2. Fantastic Sabin! :)


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