Basingstoke - Alpha gameplay trailer from Puppy Games

Puppy games, normally known for their 2D glowy remakes of 8-bit classics  and epic industry status rants, have just released an alpha gameplay trailer of their upcoming 3D rogue-like survival shooter Basingstoke, and even at this early stage the game is looking pretty schweet!

"It’s roguelike in two senses, which are: that when you die, that’s it, game over; and each game has randomly generated levels. The levels are made up of a number of randomly selected prefabricated sections joined together cunningly to create a mix of familiar and unfamiliar. 
So the objective is to ultimately escape Basingstoke, like any right-thinking individual. There are more reasons than usual to escape, as well: this is the Basingstoke after the Titans have invaded Earth. It’s full of even more unpleasant things than normal! And nearly all of them are deadly, which is admittedly a decidedly worse situation than normal in Basingstoke."
Using unity instead of their usual Java has allowed the team to get some pretty nice results very quickly, allowing them a projected release of Q1 2015. I can't wait!

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