Sinkhole Crisis - A very retro inspired Arcade game that's free!

Remember those days when seaside resorts had many arcade games to play, from top down shoot em up's to nifty little platformers. If you do, then Sinkhole Crisis with it's retro inspirations is a highly recommended free game that almost feels like a Dig Dug clone. Developed by Todd Spangler as a 1 player game, the object of the game is to fill sink-holes with your concrete truck before time runs out and the field collapses. Just watch out for those enemies, as if you don't trap and kill them, you'll get hurt!

Featuring top notch Arcade game play, Sinkhole Crisis is full of retro charm that takes us back to the days of 80's/90's that wont use up all your 50p's

Available to download an play from HERE

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