Spooky Scary Skelejam - Create a scary Halloween game!

Possibly one of the most creepy game jams has just been announced by @LycaonTalks! Based on a theme so scary, it just had to be Halloween. That's right, it's that time again when game developers from around the world come together to create the latest Indie titles and what better way to appease a gamer than something scary!

According to the rules of the #skelejam your game must be horror-themed, containing either Skeletons, Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires or anything that goes bump in the night. Any asset, code or music can be used as long as it's scary, in other words no fluffy bunnies, cute faeries or lovely kittens.

So good luck all you game devs, let's see something horrific!

( Game Jam ends in 20 days )

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