Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure - Retro Amiga release for PC

You may remember our most recent article of the The Company.PL Amiga PC port release of "Dick Tracy"; a wooden, shallow, awkward, tedious, and generally devoid of much of the atmosphere shooter. Also it being inferior to Disney's 1991 "Dick Tracy: Crime Solving Adventure"! Thankfully we are past that poor game and going to feature Disney's version today.

This title is much better than not just the other game but also better than even the movie itself. It is both a platform shooter, with sleuthing elements of collecting and analysing clues to determine the suspect's identity. Although the graphics are of much lower quality than the other shooting game, this is a much better release and is very fun to play.

Now thanks to The Company.PL you can play this cool retro game on a PC using a single exe!


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