Dr.Green - Retro inspired platformer (Recommended!)

Although I was an Amstrad and Amiga lad, I did have the opportunity to play other systems such as the Sega Megadrive, NES and SNES. So here we are with "Dr.Green" developed by Johan Aronson; An arcade inspired action platformer, full of 8 neat levels, filled to the brim with puzzles and deadly enemies.

In Dr.Green, you play as an orphan with the ability to take down nasty enemies with the use of your pea gun that shoots powerful seeds. He also has the ability to double jump and use platforms which was gained while growing up in the forest. A fine game indeed, full of retro charm, smooth gameplay and a great retro inspired pallet that reminds me very much of those wicked SNES days!


  • Controller Support (Analog & D-pad)
  • Rebindable keys for keyboard
  • Colourful pixel art graphics
  • Captivating double twisted story
  • Chiptune inspired soundtrack

Dr.Green is freely available to play right now, just visit the Website and download!

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