C64 Demos 2013/14 - Impressive demo scene experience

Although we've done a number of Amstrad and C64 remixes we haven't featured an actual C64 demo scene before and that is about to change today! These are two of some of the best live demo scenes available to view on Youtube, from the C-64 Demo Competition BFP 2013 to LIVE at X 2014. The demo that blew me away was "20 years is nothing; a visually impressive petscii demo that tells it's own story.

The other more recent video to view is the brilliant C64 Demo Compo Live, with the Superb C64 demo from Censor Design & Oxyron. This is Comaland. Released in October at X 2014, Ranked:1st. Time > 1:45:00. 

Original non live versions are available to view on YouTube, but it doesn't have the same live impression.

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