C64SD V3.0 Princess - The first SD2IEC with tap file support [Firmware/Menu Update]

Only just last month we were one of the first sites to give the C64SD V3.0 Princess a proper review; an incredible SD2IEC based hardware that also had the first Tape(*.tap) file support. We were so pleased with it, that even today it still remains as one of the most highly regarded devices for the C64 and a favourite amongst C64 retro gamers. Well today that very device has not only had a firmware update but also a new MENU (1.1) with Grab extension functions. Make sure to read the changelog and download from the webpage! ( New 9th Dec update )

Changelog 22 Nov. 2014 : Tap V2 and 264 Grabbing Support!


UPDATE : 09 Dec 2014 ( Fixed a slight incompatibility problem on certain 264 series computers )
New Firmware Princess V0.10.3.E

UPDATE 2 : 08 Dec. MENU (1.1) x c64,vic20,series 264 download from Root SD-Card pack

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