Daedalic Adventures & Dungeon Crawlers Deals - The BIG 2014 DRM-Free GOG Winter Sale continues!

Although we probably wont be mentioning every single deal going on at GOG we will be mentioning these two awesome bundle deals currently under a 24hour timer. For anyone who is a huge fan of adventure games then Daedalic Adventures featuring Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, Night of the Rabbit, Memoria & Journey of a Roach is an epic adventure deal of only £9.06 (that's 85% off!). But what really got my retro senses tingling is the Dungeon Crawlers deal featuring the hit RPG game Legend of Grimrock, Wizardry 6-8 and the all time classics Ultima Underworld 1-2 for £4.86 at 80% off!

Make sure to keep an eye on GOG for more epic winter deals such as the ones above!

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