Heroes of Might and Magic III HD - A classic turn based strategy in HD!

Although I'm not personally a fan of Ubisoft going by what they did with the latest Settlers release and yes they are an AAA company, I'll have to give them credit for announcing that the turn-based strategy classic Heroes of Might and Magic III is coming back with all new HD detail. First released by New World Computing back in 1999, HOMM III was very similar to its predecessors in that the player controlled a number of heroes that command an army of creatures inspired by myth and legend through turn based strategic thinking.

As requested by our fans, Might & Magic® Heroes® III is coming to HD Edition. Get a sneak peak of the game & watch the Hydra HD Lifting.

Release : Jan 29th 2015 App Store, Google Play & Steam

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  1. Wojtek25, yup it's still me10 December 2014 at 05:19

    I can't wait for it! I hope for bluetooth multiplayer on mobile version , so my friends would play it :D


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