All The Way Down - A horror adventure set in rural Yorkshire, England!

Calin Leafshade and team have announced the release of a horror adventure set in rural Yorkshire, England from the MAGS December entry. Titled "All The Way Down", this latest point and click adventure has, according to Mandle, beautiful graphics, eerie music, interesting ominous characters, and a great story. With feedback like that, you can be rest assured this is a nice game!

Programmed and Written by Steve Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)
Background Art By Hayley Griffiths (Sookiesock @Sookiesock)
Character Art By Matt Frith (Tier @MatthewJFrith)
Portraits By Victor Pflug (Pinback @modredcastleton)
Lead Voice By Drew Wellman (ddq5 @ddq)
Shopkeeper By Rebecca McCarthy (Azure @azuresama)
Other Voices By Steven Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)


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