Steredenn - Arm your lasers for an awesome looking shoot em up!

Are you ready for possibly the best looking shoot em up to go through a Steam Greenlight campaign this year? Well then, take a look at Steredenn by Pixelnest, which according to the developer is a frenetic and chaotic shoot em up carved in big beautiful pixels and insane boss battles. A cross mix between a shoot em up and rogue-like as you battle deadly space pirates for your very own survival

When I said holy **** that looks nice on the developers twitter page, I really meant it. Especially as Steredenn features unforgiving gameplay, beautiful art work, boss fights,  randomly generated environments, twisted space events and a large arsenal of weapons with kick ass modes, I'd highly recommend giving the devs a Steam Greenlight thumbs up if you like games like R-Type and Project X.

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