Bumble Bee - An original C64 release cracked by The Hidden Farts

The Hidden Farts have just crack released ' Bumble Bee' for the C64. Originally released way back in 1984 by Micro Power, you play as a bee in a top down maze like game that must collect all the pollen on the screen to reach the final exit. As you move around the screen through flipping panels, there are toadstools and fireballs which must be avoided and points to collect for bonuses. It is a very enjoyable game as not only does it feel a bit like Pacman but the longer you take, when the bar moves to the top a spider appears and tries to hunt you down.

Bumble Bee will keep you occupied for hours, it is great fun to play but also incredibly difficult! Can you collect all the pollen and reach the out or will the big spider get you?

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