Little Walker - Cute and quirky platformer by Blake Fix

Welcome to 'Little Walker', a new retroish platformer from Blake Fix that's now available to buy for PC. Originally 'Walker' was released as a freeware game way back in 2012 which featured large areas to explore and lots of collectibles that require exploration or some puzzle solving. However today, you can play the far improved version, with a great retro soundtrack, large areas playable in all directions, lots of cute and comical characters all in an enjoyable to play game.

Controls :

  • Arrow Keys: Turn left/right (In auto mode they are not required but available).
  • A very high variable jump (think Luigi, but not slippery); Z button.
  • Wall-kicks, Wall-jumps, (Whatever you wanna call 'em!) Z button.
  • Talk to NPC's by overlapping them and pressing Z. Simple!
  • When hp hits 0, rapid tap Z to get back up, if you can.
  • Z is also used for things like:
  • Bouncing off a spring
  • Double Jumping
  • Waking him up with a slap
  • I just wanted to use a triple list item.

Available to buy for only $2.00 from the main Website

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